Why is the Cyclone made of a new material?

Fur is excellent material for reducing the gross effects of turbulence around a windshield. Sadly it is not as reliable as one would want. In manufacture it is very variable, due to the need for latex or heat treatment of the backing in order to hold the fur fibres in place. Nor is fur stable in use; its effectiveness changes greatly when wet and it takes a lot of drying and "hairdressing" to get it back to its original performance. Over quite a short service life the performance also drops because the fibres are fragile and will break up.

3D-tex was brought in to address many of these problems. It is extremely consistent in manufacture, doesn't change characteristics over time, and can be brought back to standard performance quickly and easily after getting wet. It cannot be used as a simple replacement for fur - windshield shape and size, and the structure need to be altered to use it - but it has enormous benefits in terms of transparency and reliability.

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