Is there a windshield for the Shure Beta SM58a?

For the Shure Beta SM58a:


If you just want a Windjammer to fit over the SM58. You could opt for:

Description:M58/SM58/MCE82 Mini Windjammer

Order Code:055318
UK List Price: £22.00 exc. VAT each

The hook & loop fastener tightens around the shank securing it to the microphone.



If you feel that you need that little more protection. You have the option for foam and a windjammer:

Description:40/55 Reporter Mic Foam (Single)
Order Code:104405
UK List Price: £7.40 exc. VAT each
Description: Medium Mini Windjammer
Order Code: 055304
Web link:
UK List Price: £24.00 exc. VAT each
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