What are the component and total weights of the large Cyclone? How does it compare to the WS4?

The weights for the suspension, pods and complete Cyclone (with Windjammer also) are as follows:

- Cyclone, suspension only, inc. cable fitted - 322.8g
- Cyclone, windshield pod (left side) - 149.7g
- Cyclone, windshield pod (right side) - 164.5g
- Cyclone, windshield pods (both sides) - 314.4g
- Cyclone, suspension & windshield pods - 640g
- Cyclone Windjammer only - 195g

Total weight (including windjammer) - 835g


Modular Windshield WS 4 -

- WS4 with Pistol Grip Handle & Windjammer - 660g

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