Is there a solution for a front and back MS stereo set up? This will be using Sennheiser - MKH 416, 30 & 40.

An MKH30, 40 and 416 is a difficult combination to fit. We might be able to do something in the future but I'm not sure how happy you will be.

The MKH416 can have the MKH30 piggy-backed - that's not too hard. The combination doesn't give wonderful MS because the 416 has a rather narrow front pattern, but also several spurious rear lobes. That means that the stereo stage is a little cramped across the front, and some unwanted sounds from the rear get translated into the stereo image.

It is impossible to add the MKH40 with true coincidence without shaddowing problems. You might be able to fit it with a rearwards error of ~150mm which would give passable low/mid frequency rear-facing MS but there would inevitably be some odd effects.

If you are only looking for some surround atmos, without ciritcal positioning then this could be OK.

The best windshield to do all this in will be the Cyclone, but MS and DMS mounting for this won't be available till late 2015 (possibly later).


Cyclone & Windjammer Wind Test from Rycote on Vimeo.



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