I hear a low-level 'creaking' noise in my Stereo Windshield. How can I resolve this?

In very rare cases, stiction can cause low-level 'creaking' noises in Stereo Windshields as a result of their unique design.

In the first instance, try the basket with a Windjammer. Tightening and adjusting one around the windshield can remove problem creaking, since it restricts overall movement around the basket structure. If this does resolve the issue, then a touch of vaseline/silicone grease (or similar) smeared along the filler strip and plastic joints may resolve the issue entirely.

If the basket has visibly broken glue joints or the issue is still not resolved, the product will need to be replaced completely. (It is not possible to re-glue the joints due to manufacturing method.) To arrange this, please get in touch with a Rycote technical specialist here.

Please note that we will need to have the basket or baskets returned in order to check and confirm the issue in our factory.

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