Which Classic-Softie will fit the MicW N101 Large Diaphragm microphone?

The best suit for your MicW N101 microphone would be:

Description: 5cm Classic-Softie (24/25)

Order Code: 033013

Web link: http://www.rycote.com/products/033013


Because the microphone body is tapered you may find that the rubber grommit of the classic softie will not completely seal against the shank.


You can get around this by simply packing it with a soft material to create a seal. This will prevent air getting up underneath the classic softie.


Alternatively, if you are comfortable leaving 50mm at the end to clip the microphone on to a stand. You could opt for the 10cm Classic-Softie:

Description: 10cm Classic-Softie (24/25)

Order Code: 033023 Web link: http://www.rycote.com/products/033023

UK List Price: £59.00 exc. VAT each


This will leave a smaller gap for you to fill to the shank of the microphone.

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