Can the Sennheiser ME66 K6 fit in a Medium Super-Shield?

I'm afraid it doesn't. Here is why:

The Sennheiser ME66 K6 is broken down into -

The Sennheiser ME66 - 221mm

The K6 power module - 94mm

(The XLR connector - approx 50mm)


The total Microphone length of the ME66 with K6 module is 315mm (365mm inc XLR)

The Medium Super-Shield is designed for microphone lengths between 200mm-250mm.

This means the ME66 K6 is too long to fit within the Medium Super-Shield.


The ideal Windshield solution for the M66 K6 is:

Modular Windshield WS 5 Kit

Order Code: 086005

Web link:

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