Which mono windshield should I get for the MKH 8040?

Two options for the MKH8040 - depending on whether you want the shortest available or use the Sennheiser XLR module and have slightly longer:

Description: Modular Windshield WS 9 Kit (MZL)
Order Code: 086038
Web link: www.rycote.com/products/086038
UK List: £ 380.00 exc. VAT


Description: Modular Windshield WS 10 Kit
Order Code: 086010
Web link: www.rycote.com/products/086010
UK List: £ 338.60 exc. VAT

The WS 9 windshield is 70mm body length, and has an MZL Connbox. The WS 10 has a 120mm body, and uses a standard 3-pin XLR Connbox.


Compact Mic Solutions from Rycote on Vimeo.

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