Is it possible to fit a pair of Line Audio CM3s in an ORTF Stereo Windshield?

Due to the length of the CM3s, it isn't possible to fit them inside our stereo basket in an ORTF configuration unless short (right-angled) XLR connectors are used internally.

This should work, but it remains an untested Rycote solution, and purchase is ultimately at the customer's discretion.

The Stereo Kit required is as follows:


Stereo Windshield WS AE ORTF Kit

Order Code: 080210


Please note that this kit does not include a Connbox, which would need to be purchased separately in order to route the XLR-Binder cables internally. 

If you would like to talk to someone who has experience with this modification, please contact our Rycote technical support team via the support page here.

Please also read the following Knowledge Base article on using XLR-based mics in an ORTF basket solution here.


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