Will the Sennheiser MKH 8060 with MZX module fit into the WS 2?

The WS 2 kit windshield is suitable for microphones up to 160mm in length. The length of the MKH 8060 with xlr module is 175mm.

This means that the microphone will protrude a total of 15mm into the end caps (7.5mm in each end). This isn't ideal as the closer the Mic is to the edge of the windshield the wind noise performance is reduced. However, many engineers opt for this size and are happy.

Description: Modular Windshield WS 2 Kit

Order Code: 086003

Web link: www.rycote.com/products/086003



Your alternative would be the slightly bigger WS3 kit.

Order Code: 086002 Web link:


Modular Windshield Kits from Rycote on Vimeo.

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