Do you have a recommendation for wind protection for the Yellowtec IXM microphone with Beyerdynamic Cardioid head?

The dimensions of the Beyerdynamic head are: (Length) 70mm x 50mm (diameter)
The most suitable solution for your mic would be the:
Description:45/100 Large Diaphragm Mic Foam Single 
Order Code:104422
Web link:
UK List Price: £16.46 exc. VAT each

The next stage would be to opt for:
Description:45/100 Windjammer for foam
Order Code:055428
Web link:
UK List Price: £27.00 exc. VAT each
This will fit over the foam of 45 mm diameter. As the mic is 50mm, it may be a tight fit but unfortunately it is the closest we have.
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