Can you use the Mini Windjammer for the Zoom H4n on the Zoom H6?

When possible we design & make the Mini Windjammer’s per model of recorder. Asides from the different shape & profile of mics & recorder bodies, we try to avoid seams running directly in front of the mic pick ups. We generally use the internal foam to add air volume, if they aren’t too small. So yes the ZOOM H6 definitely does have the foam inside it.

The Mini Windjammers for the H6 are made specifically for each of the mic heads supplied with it. They are both different to the H4N Mini Windjammer.

Description: Zoom H6 Mini Windjammer(s)

Order Code: 055454

Web link:


Mini Windjammer (for portable audio recorders) from Rycote on Vimeo.


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