I need a windshield and shock mount solution for the Schoeps CMC 6 U + MK 41 capsule. Recommendations?

For the CMC 6 U + MK 41, we'd recommend either the the INV-7 or the INV 7HG MKIII.

The choice of mount really depends on how you’re planning to use the mic: specifically, whether you plan to fit any kind of wind protection. The INV 7HG MKIII is designed to support the mic firmly and securely from the rear, and allows weight to be added in the form of slip-on windscreens (e.g. Super-Softie, Classic-Softie). The INV-7 is a cradle suspension, supporting the mic along its length; as a result, it can only handle a foam windshield.


In summary:

- Use an INV-7 with either no windscreen, or just a lightweight foam;

- Use an INV 7HG MKIII with a foam or Softie.


INV-7 & Related Solutions for CMC 6 U + MK 41




InVision INV 7HG MKIII & Related Solutions for CMC 6 U + MK 41






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