What is the difference between the InVision USM and USM-L models?

We have a video that shows both the USM & USM-L above.

The main difference is the horizontal & angled weight that the USM and USM-L can tolerate before the Lyres sag.

The weights refer to the support the individual Lyre will give, in terms of sag when mounted horizontally - not the weight the mount can hold securely. When a heavy mic is used horizontally, or angled then the weight will make the inner ring sag towards the outer ring. This isn’t ideal, hence why we’ve recommend a max. horizontal weight. When used vertically for vocals, this issue is not a concern.

The soft-grip pads will hold well in excess of 2 kg.


Lyre Horizontal & Angled weight tolerance -

USM - 500g

USM-L - 250g


For more information, here is an article in SOS about the USM - http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/mar10/articles/rycoteinvisionusm.htm

Hope this helps!

InVision USM and USM-L from Rycote on Vimeo.

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