What does the Rycote Tac!t cable do?

The Rycote Tac!T (pronounced 'Tass-It') cable is an in-line, active, third-order (18dB/octave) filter with a knee at approximately 60Hz. It has been meticulously designed to pass desired audio unaffected, whilst massively reducing wind/handling noise and other LF vibrations encountered on location.

The Tac!T filter draws its power from P48 (48V phantom), whilst also passing power simultaneously to the microphone. It is electronically symmetrical and does not disturb the intrinsic balance of the microphone circuit; nor does it introduce any signal loss for normal programme frequencies.

Tac!T has been adapted to fit entirely within the body of a Neutrik XX-series XLR connector. It is non-switchable, and the electronically buffered circuitry ensures that its performance is consistent for almost all industry standard phantom-powered microphones and preamps.

Front-end filters on mixers are usually 6 or 12dB/octave, and result in a greater loss of wanted higher frequencies for a given cut of infrasonic or extreme LF noise. A steeper third-order filter (18dB/oct) like the Tac!t is much more effective for production work.

Compatibility Notes:

Tac!t is compatible with any P48 (phantom) powered microphone using a 3-pin XLR connector. It must be connected in the signal path between mic and mixer/recorder, and is ideal in situations where the user’s device has no built-in HPF.

Note that Tac!t is not compatible with un-powered dynamic or ribbon microphones, or T12 and P12 powered models.

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