What's the smallest Rycote basket solution for a Neumann KM A + KK 120 and KM 184 mid-side combo?

The smallest-possible basket solution for a KM 184 and KM A + KK 120 mid-side combo would be the following:
Stereo Windshield WS AD MS Kit
Order Code: 080202
IMPORTANT: The only way this solution will work -- given that size is an absolute priority -- is with the use of right-angled XLR cables for both mics. Used with standard XLR connectors, the overall size of the rig will be 20mm longer than the windshield body and therefore unworkable.
We do not provide right-angled XLR cables as standard with the AD MS Kit, and they will need to be purchased separately.
NB: This is ultimately a customised solution, and does not form part of our official recommendation for this mid-side configuration.
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