Which Lyre® system do I need when upgrading the hoop and o-ring setup on an old Modular suspension?

If you are getting in touch regarding a Lyre® upgrade for an old Modular suspension, you'll likely have something like this (thanks to Jimmy McDougall for the image):

The vast majority of our Lyres come pre-packaged with small plastic adapters which fit the grooves of the old-style, metal Modular bar and allow them to sit neatly at the relevant positions. No additional alterations or adjustments need to be made.

For Single, 72-Shore Lyres, purchasing info is as follows:

Pair of Single Lyre 72 (19/25) (with Modular Adaptor & Screws)
Order Code: 042210
Other Lyre versions are available. Please check with a Rycote Technical Specialist before buying.
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