Which windjammer would you recommend for a parabolic mic?

If you know the dimensions of the microphone, we can figure out which product will work best:


If the dimensions are;

Diameter - 19mm

Length - 10cm (100mm)

Air vents/ports are 2cm down the shank of the mic.

You may wish to look at the 5cm Classic Softie (19/22 diameter).


If the microphone is longer (20mm) and the air ports go 70mm down the shank of the microphone. The 5cm Softie will not cover 20mm of the air ports. Therefore, you would want to opt for the 10cm Classic Softie or 12cm Super Softie.


Please see the links below for the ranges of softies:





Classic-Softie Camera Kit from Rycote on Vimeo.


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