Which suspension should I get to use with the Sennheiser MKH 50? (interior boom pole work)

We'd recommend the InVision INV-7 suspension for the MKH50 for interiors used along with the Tac!T inline filter, due to the sensitivity of the mic to handling noise. The lyre on the INV-7 is a 72-shore, so will manage a MKH50 well, with say a foam gag fitted. If you're ever using it with anything heavier on the front like a Softie of BBG, then the INV-7 HG MkIII would be better. I've added a brief note from our audio specialist about the Tac!T:
There is also a finite frequency at which the mechanical isolation of the suspension ceases to work - that's an inevitable factor of any spring system. The art is to make sure that the channel response is rolled off ~above~ that frequency.

The ideal roll-off curve for handheld and poled mics is to have a knee at about 60Hz and to use an 18dB/oct (or even24dB/oct) slope. Unfortunately Sennheiser provide proximity effect bass cuts (6dB/oct) but not the much sharper cut you need to get rid of handling noise. The Tac!t is simply a way of providing a steep cut (18dB/oct) at the front end of the chain. This prevents any really low LF handling noise getting through and removes any risk of it overloading the front end preamp.

You can fit the Tac!t anywhere in the mic cable - at the pole end or the mixer. It is a true balanced amplifier - the circuitry is completely symmetrical - and sneaks a little current from the P48 supply to drive it. It has no insertion loss at normal frequencies.
Description: InVision INV-7 
Order Code: 041107
Description: Cable w/TAC!T Filter, XLR-3F/3M, L45cm x 4.8mm
Order Code: 017022


InVision 7 HG MKIII (041118) from Rycote on Vimeo.

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