Do you have a Windjammer® for the Sennheiser ME 2?

Our standard Lavalier Windjammers will fit the ME 2.

Due to the diameter of the mic capsule (6.5mm), it may be easier to use this solution without the foam inserts provided in the Windjammer pack. The inserts are designed to hold mics of up to 4.5mm diameter securely inside the Windjammer, and provide some additional wind protection. Mics with a diameter greater than 4.5mm can be inserted without the foam.

Lavalier Windjammers are available in three main colours: black, grey and white (other colours can be ordered specially), and are sold as singles or pairs.

Relevant product details (including order codes) can be found here:

You can also use our Overcovers with the ME 2 when mounting directly to the body or clothing:

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