I have a WS9 which I use with the Schoeps CCM41. Can I fit an Ambient Emesser on top?

To piggyback the Emesser on top of the CCM41 you'd need to switch the suspension to the non-Lyre M/S suspension. It depends on what age of suspension you currently have as to what we can do to up date it. If its the old style metal bar suspension, then all we need to supply is a hoop with 21/19mm back to back clip fitted. If its a new suspension, with plastic bar - then we'll need to swap out the whole suspension.
This is the suspension you require:
Description: Suspension XX-Small MS Mini
Order Code:040107
Web link: www.rycote.com/products/040107
UK List: £ 164.00 exc. VAT
The hoop option:
Description:COMPLETE MONO EXT BG MS HOOP (10.1 'O' RINGS 7 21/19 CLIP)
Order Code: 048483
Web link:Special order
UK List: £40.40 exc. VAT
If you want Connboxes:
Description: Stereo Connbox, 250mm 5-pin O/P W/No tails (Red)
Order Code: 016914
List Price: £ 59.00 exc. VAT each

Description: Lemo/Binder Tail (110mm) 
Order Code: 017005
List Price: £ 57.00 exc. VAT each

Description: TA3/Binder Tail (110mm) 
Order Code: N/A
List Price: £ 30.00 exc. VAT each


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