How should I care for my Windjammer®?

In order for the product to operate at its maximum effectiveness, it is vitally important that the pile of your Windjammer® remains in prime condition. Please follow these care guidelines:

1. Brush the fur frequently to keep the pile soft and clean. A special brush is provided free of charge with all Windjammers for this purpose.

2. After exposure to moisture (e.g. rain, thick fog), shake the Windjammer thoroughly to remove any excess moisture and allow to dry naturally.

Important: Never tumble-dry or use a hairdryer on the Windjammer, since this will almost certainly damage it beyond repair! Please note that there are ways for us to establish if this has been done by examining the product internally.

3. If absolutely necessary, the Windjammer can be carefully hand-washed in mild, Woolmark-approved detergent such as Ecover Delicate laundry liquid. Allow to dry naturally and then brush.

4. When the Windjammer is not being used, turn it inside out. This not only saves space in your kit bag or flight case, but also protects the fur. A quick shake will restore the original pile after it has been reversed.

5. Keep the Windjammer away from hot lights and overhead fixtures on-set, which may singe or damage the fur.

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