I'm confused about Rycote products incorporating MZL connectors. If I use a Sennheiser MKH 8000 series mic, where in the audio chain should I attach the MZX 8000 module?

Sennheiser's MZX 8000 module essentially converts an MZL output (found on the end of all MKH 8000 series mics) to an XLR-3M output.

Rycote has, in conjunction with Sennheiser, created special MZL tails which connect directly to MKH 8000 series mics. This removes the need for the MXZ 8000 module entirely, and saves on weight and space internally.

Such tails are ideal in (for example) an ORTF configuration, which requires a reduction in mic size due to sidewards positioning in the basket. If MZX modules were used in this setup in combination with standard or even mini XLR connectors, the mics would be much too large.

In short: the special MZL tails provided by Rycote connect directly to MKH 8000 series mics, saving on weight/space internally and removing the need for the MZX 8000 module.

The following video provides an overview of Rycote basket systems featuring MZL tails:


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