I'm thinking of buying the classic softie, but I'm finding it a bit confusing that some places are saying it cuts wind by 25db, and others say by 40db. Which is correct?

Apologies for the confused performance figures on our site. We always quote wind noise reduction figures with the “up to” ahead of the dB figure as it depends on so many things, like the strength of wind, type of microphone, and where on the frequency response the measurement is take from. I’ve attached a couple of examples of the performance tests. It shows comparisons of the various different windshields.
The blue trace refers to the microphone (Schoeps CMIT 5U) with no covering. The other traces are various windshields were made when the tests were done. The dB reduction is the difference from the naked mic & the windshield. So for instance, take a point on the graph at say 100 Hz and see where both lines cross that axis - and that’s the wind noise noise reduction in dB. On this graph the Classic-Softie (Softie Windshield) is approx. 40dB @ 100 Hz - but on another test is could be lower, depending on the wind strength & mic used.
The graph does not show the new Super-Shield or Cyclone. The S-Series is no longer available.
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