Old Modular Sizing: A Guide

Older models of Rycote's Modular windshields used a letter-based system of sizing, and we occasionally have customers asking for models using this old system as a point of reference.

The following is a list of current models (left) matched against equivalent older models (right):


WS1 = A, B

WS2 = C, D

WS3 = E, F, G

WS4 = H, I, K

WS4 + EXT1 = L, M, N, O

WS4 + EXT2 = P, Q, R

WS4 + EXT3 = S, T, U

WS4 + EXT4 = V, W, X

295 = I


Information on all current Modular windshields can be found on the official Rycote website via the following link:


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