Do you have any windshields designed specifically for the Sennheiser MKH 416?

Yes: we have designed and optimised two windshields — one basket and one slip-on solution — specifically for the Sennheiser MKH 416. Both products are part of our bespoke, Perfect for range.


Windshield Kit, 416 (010324)

The Windshield Kit, 416 is a basket system perfectly matched to the 416 in terms of weight, length and internal/external technical features. It comes with our patented Lyre® suspension technology, a premium short XLR connector (incorporated from our advanced Cyclone range) and professional-quality Mogami cable.


The Super-Softie Kit, 416 (033207)

The Super-Softie Kit, 416 is a slip-on system perfectly matched to the 416’s specifications. Its weight and length have been fully optimised for the mic, and it utilises 3D-Tex® (our advanced, acoustically transparent and highly durable windshield fabric). If you need a quick, highly effective slip-on windshield solution for the 416 on location or in the field, it’s an ideal choice.


You can find additional info regarding both products on the official Rycote website.

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