What is the Perfect for range?

Perfect for is Rycote’s bespoke range of basket and slip-on windshields, designed and optimised specifically for key industry microphones.

The range was created to offer exceptional value with absolutely no compromise on Rycote build quality and industry-leading design. Each windshield has been calibrated and optimised precisely in terms of weight, length and internal/external technical features in order to work seamlessly with the relevant mic(s).

Perfect for currently comprises the following products:

  • Super-Blimp Kit, NTG (010323)
  • Softie Kit, NTG (033394)
  • Windshield Kit, 416 (010324)
  • Super-Softie Kit, 416 (033207)
  • Super-Softie Kit, CMIT (033208)

Key features of the range are explained in the videos below, and further information can be found on the official Rycote website.



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